Hotel Sokay is located in the Balkan village of Bardeni, 6 km. to the northeast of the town of Tryavna. The hamlet is tiny, but has some exceptional natural and climate circumstances: A wonderful view of the Balkan Mountains, Botev Peak, Shipka peak, and Buzludja Peak; icy clear water, abundant wildlife, green forests and meadows, quiet and snowy winters. Fresh air with moderate humidity and lack of fogs in the area are just some of the advantages of the mild climate through all seasons, which is suitable for the treatment of lung and respiratory diseases. The asphalt road provides all-year access to the village. The area is suitable for cycling, picking of herbs and berries. Its proximity to Tryavna makes it an extremely attractive place for rural tourism.  The town of Dryanovo is 17 km. away, with the Dryanovo Monastery and the Bacho Kiro Cave. Veliko Tarnovo is 50 km. away, boasting with its unique historical and architectural landmarks.  Gabrovo and the Etara architectural reserve are 20 km away. You can easily visit  Bozhentsi or go to Shipka peak and Buzludzha. Near the village is the Thracian sanctuary from the Hellenistic and Roman epochs called Elova Mogila (Elova mound) which has its ties to the cult of the sun and was built in the 4th century BC and existed until the 1st century BC.</>